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Founded in 1991 by Jacov Shwartsberg using traditional family recipes, today PROFUMA is a major player in the European market of fresh, smoked, cooked and frozen products, all made with high quality meats.

Through the years, Mr Shwartsberg has shared his unique expertise with a young and dynamic team, adapting to clients' demands while preserving the natural goodness and purity of meats smoked according to tradition.

Today he shares the direction of the company with his son, Morris Shwartsberg, who has in turn taken up his father's philosophy of respect for tradition while concentrating on commercial development and respect for the wellbeing of both consumer and environment.

In 2003 PROFUMA was awarded a BRC certificate, which has been granted in every year since. In addition, the company carefully selects suppliers who respect all appropriate safeguards so as to guarantee the very highest standards of quality for consumers. All of our products are traceable, ensuring that any of our clients' requests can be met to their complete satisfaction.

PROFUMA is proud to maintain the trust that it has established with its clients in Belgium, France, the United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Lebanon, Ireland, etc. These clients have become ambassadors for PROFUMA's quality throughout the world.

Based in the heart of Europe, in Brussels, PROFUMA has a vigorous presence in the European market. From its proud heritage, the company now has a strong reputation in the meat industry, a reputation which the entire team is engaged to uphold and reinforce day by day.

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